Data Centers


TELEHOUSE SHANGHAI JinQiao data center Shanghai Jinqiao economic and Technological Development Zone opened on 1st November 2013. It is a DC dedicated building with high spec facility such as redundant power supply, high network connectivity and high security. 

BDA outside view

  • Features
    • Security ensured by Metallic sensor, X-ray detection machine, facial authentication
    • Network career diversity and route diversity achieved.
    • Provide colocation space and office dedicated spaces in office tower for customers with BCP and DR demands
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  • Power Supply System
    Redundant power supply routes, solid UPS equipments , redundant generators and also distinctive designs such as below.
    • Generators with long-time running capability
    • Power supply from two substations
    • External power supply bypass to cover UPS trouble
    • Battery status monitoring for assuring UPS to work
    • Continuous UPS battery check
    • 2N power supply to racks (2 different routes to UPS) with backup UPS in case of emergency.

    We consider various case of emergency and make best effort to overcome it with our cutting-edge technologies.

  • Air Conditioning System:

    We adopt eco-friendly air conditioning system achieving high-efficiency and stability at the same time. Free cooling system in winter times when temperature of outside air is very low, we use them to cool water for air conditioning to achieve low PUE.

    • 2 Loop Lines - Dual For cool/hot water system
    • Cold water tanks for air-conditioning in case of emergency
    • Optimized air-conditioning according to the status of cabinet
    • Heat insulation plate around the building. High efficient and trustable air conditioning system
  • Security / Disaster Prevention:

    Adopting face recognition system, X-ray detection machine and metal detector etc. to achieve solid security.

    • Facial recognition
    • X-ray detector
    • Non-contact IC card
    • Metal detector
    • CCTV monitoring cameras
    • Building management system
    • VESDA sensor
    • IG541 gas extinguishing system


Building Location Shanghai Jinqiao economic and Technological Development Zone
Provided Area 12,950㎡
Ceiling Height 4,500m
Raised Floor Height 750mm
Maximum Floor Load 1,000kg/㎡ 
*depending on area
Fire extinguisher IG541 gas extinguishing system VESDA sensor
Power Building Power Receiving Dual feeds of power supply from 2 different substation with 2 routes
Emergency Generator N + 1
Power / Rack Standard 2.0kVA
(Over 3kVA needs consulting in advance)
Climate Control CRAC Config CRAC N+20%
Cooling system N+ 1
Leak Sensor Yes
Leak Sensor Yes
Feeder Type Single Feed N/A
Dual Feed N/A
Diverse Feed PDU: A+B, UPS: 2N
Network Transport Carrier China Telecom (CT)
China Unicom (CU)
China Mobile (CM)
In-house Cabling Coax, Copper/UTP, Optical Fiber
O&M Operation Hour 24hours/7days
Security System 24/7 manned, CCTV monitoring cameras,
metal detector, mantrap gate, X ray inspection,
face recognition system, IC card
Others Rest Space Yes
BCP Solution Yes
Parking Space Yes


  • China Telecom(CT)
  • China Unicom(CU)
  • Fibrlink
  • SDS