Data Centers



In TELEHOUSE BEIJING BEZ, NW of Chinese telecommunication carriers such as CT, CU, CM can be connected according to the requirements of customers and it has stable power supply that is realized by high-capacity generator and UPS so that it can provide the best environment for customers to set up their ICT facilities. TELEHOUSE can act as your premier IT outsourcing partner, providing you with a variety of global ICT solutions. 
High availability managed IT services and remote hands support are available to all customers.

  • Location

    The Data Center, located in the northeast part of Beijing, boasts a modern and fully developed infrastructure, providing customers with: 

    • Convenient and Quick Access
      TELEHOUSE Beijing BEZ is located between the Beijing Capital International Airport and Tiananmen Square. From either point, you can reach the Data Center in 20 to 30 minutes via modern highways.
    • High-Tech Infrastructure
      TELEHOUSE Beijing BEZ is located in the High-Tech Park which is managed by the Chinese government. The quake proof of building of TELEHOUSE Beijing BEZ is the top level in Beijing.
  • Power Supply:
    With its redundant power supply, TELEHOUSE can meet today’s customer’s demand for increased power capacity. In addition to stable commercial power supply, it provides uninterruptable power with UPS and automatic power generators in the event of blackouts.

  • Cooling System:
    A modern, large capacity cooling system is deployed, providing optimal climate control.

  • Fire Pevention/Suppression System:
    A modern, All TELEHOUSE facilities are fully equipped with the latest fire prevention systems. When smoke is detected, the fire suppression system will be automatically activated to extinguish any flames without damaging the customer’s equipment.

  • Security Equipment:
    TELEHOUSE provides 24×7 operations and maintenance service, engineer training, updating of service manuals, timely inspection/testing/upgrading of equipment and systems, while always striving to learn more about the customers’needs.


Building Location North east Beijing
Total area of server room 1,600㎡
Ceiling Height 3.0m (1F), 2.8m(2F)
Raised Floor Height 750mm(1F), 780mm(2F)
Maximum Floor Load 750 kg/㎡
Fire Extinguishing IG-541 + VESDA (1F)
FM200 + VESDA (2F)
Power Building Power
2 commercial power sources
Emergency Generator N+1
Power / Rack 2kVA
Climate Control CRAC Config N+1(1F), N+2(2F)
Leak Sensor Yes
Feeder type Single Feed N/A
Dual Feed PDU: A+B, UPS: N+1
Diverse Feed PDU: A+B, UPS: 2N
Network Transport Carrier China Telecom (CT)
China Unicom (CU)
China Mobile (CM)
ISP 21Vianet
In-house Cabling Coax, Copper/UTP, Optical Fiber
O&M Operation Hour 24hours/7days
Security 24/7 manned, CCTV monitoring, IC card
Others Rest Space No
BCP Solution Yes
Parking Space Yes


    • China Mobile(CM)
    • China Telecom(CT)
    • China Unicom(CU)
    • CERNET(教育網)
    • CNCATV(中国有線)
    • Teletron Telecom(電信通)