About Us

Corporate Social Responsibility

To the Environment

HKCOLO.NET loves and concerns our planet. We adopt environment-friendly operations in our site,

  • Switch off idle IT equipment or unmanned monitors
  • Shut down unnecessary cooling equipment
  • No office lightings and air-conditioning in lunch time
  • Recycle wasted materials (including paper, plastic bottle and metallic can)
  • Double side printing

To the Society:

HKCOLO.NET offers an industrial attachment project to the students of Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education, providing a chance for the students to learn more outside the campus and gain some working experience before their graduation. It is also useful to arouse their interest in working in the IDC or telecommunication industries in the future.

Occasionally, we do provide certain kind of training to different institution and organization, including the government departments, aiming to let them have a better understanding if IDC and how to choose an ideal IDC.

And to made the participants and the audience believe Hong Kong is the most ideal place for them to host their equipment and to store their data.

Every year, we will also be invited to attend some recruitment talk. We will make use of those opportunities to attract fresh graduates to join the IDC/ Telecommunication industry.